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NPO Rising Cloud’s mission is to spread Japan’s YAMATO spirit of love and peace to the world.
Through our Internet gallery called Japan Escort, we introduce artists, authors, creators, and craftsmen who embody
the heart of the YAMATO spirit.
Furthermore, we introduce various cultures that represent the heart of the Japanese spirit.
We will use 5 galleries within Japan Escort to showcase Japan’s YAMATO spirit to the world.

Art gallery – Beauty
We introduce a wide variety of authors and their works which are focused on Japan.
The spirit of Yamato continues to flourish.
  Marc Estel

Creator’s gallery - Creation
We introduce creators making products that represent the Japanese spirit.
Creators are producing works incorporating their own Yamato hearts.
Your own works will be created through the inspiration of Yamato.

Craftsmen gallery - Skill
We introduce skills that produce the heart of Yamato.
You can find your own Yamato heart

Festival Gallery - Matsuri
We show the different types of Matsuri festivals in Japan.
Feel the Yamato spirit within your heart.

Stage Art Gallery- Way
We introduce the way that embodies the heart of Japan
The heart of Yamato has been polished in this way
Sense your own Yamato heart.
Japan Escort Gallery is seeking a wide variety of artists, authors, creators, and craftsmen to participate in our program.
Secretariat Japan Escort Gallery

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