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  The origin of festivals and shrines in Japan remains a great mystery. However, the Biblical account in the Old Testament of the Ark of the Covenant carried into Jerusalem, the city of David, is very similar to a Japanese festival when the “Omikoshi” is carried!

During this time, Japanese say, "Wa shoi! Wa shoi!” but these words are meaningless to the most people. However in the Hebrew tongue it means, "The salvation of the Lord has come!"

The origin of the “Three Sacred Treasures” remains a mystery in Japan, However the Biblical Ark of the Covenant had three sacred treasures in it!

This means that the 10 lost tribes of Israel must have arrived to another God promised land in ancient times and founded the nation of Japan fusing and mixing with the Jomon people. Those people disappeared from the history but will come back again as the Bible promises.

It is part of the great story of God and full of romance and a promising future. We would like you to enjoy watching Japanese festivals from all it's different perspectives.

Let’s enjoy the festivals!

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